June 21, 2013

Today I was “let” out of the house.  I say that jokingly because of course I’m “let” out of the house all the time, it’s just that I usually don’t go anywhere.

Well, today I went to Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods, The Dog Rescue, UHaul.

It wasn’t so much what I did — because not like B&N and Whole Foods is so out of the ordinary, it’s the joy I felt from being out and about.

A really productive day.

I really enjoyed looking up editors for my story – I was just really busy.

And funny cause I felt like I was at B&N for so long, but by the time I was finished it was just 12:30 — I still had the whole day!

It was incredible.

And that’s what I’m desiring these days.  Being out and about.

For a LONG time I loved working at home.  Found it enjoyable.  Liked being on my own schedule, etc.  But that’s no longer of interest to me.

I find it boring.

I’m tired of being in my pajamas all day.

Even if I do get dressed up, there’s no where to go — so that’s boring too.

I look forward to being around other likeminded people.  Creative people.  All working on a TV project.  That feels fun and exciting to me.

Looking forward to more days like today — out and about.

Dressed, looking good.

Feeling good.

Being productive.

Being out in the world! 🙂

PS:  On my way to B&N there was another UHaul right in front of me.  Very cute 😉