May 1, 2013

Spirit has suggested that I list out the lessons I am learning from what is going on in my career these days, with what feels like a delay in my TV and more students coming to me desires.  With everything that happens in your life there is always a lesson to learn.  When you learn that lesson you no longer need it calling for your attention.  So, here it goes…

I am learning to better understand the power of my gifts.

I am seeing how students are moved so much that they get uncomfortable, angered, upset around me.  This used to make me feel bad.  Used to be really weird.  Now I understand it’s because my healing and psychic gifts are really good.  My connection to Spirit is really good and how I am standing for health within them and this is me revealing parts of themselves that they are afraid to see so they are projecting the dislike onto me.

I will make a video helping students through this process.  Helping them through the healing.

This is making me come more from my heart cause I really do care about my students and I really want to help them along, even if they are “afraid” or “uncomfortable” around me now.  I understand the big picture, that it’s part of their process of healing.

So it’s giving me more confidence — more self esteem — more power and knowing within myself.  More love for myself.

This is good, thank you.

It’s also building my trust in myself and in Spirit.

I know I am being taken care of, so although I get annoyed or antsy that things are not happening fast enough or I’m upset with Spirit asking what else could I possibly do to make all of these things in my career pop-off I know they are creating something that’s much BIGGER and BETTER for me than I am asking for.

Of course it’s helping me have more patience.

But I think this is more of an issue of TRUSTING.

Trusting Spirit.  They have me covered.

Yes. 🙂

PS:  Two days ago Spirit gave me the words…. WAIT… EXPECT…. PREPARE.

Along with the saying “I patiently wait to be rewarded”  Nice 🙂