May 1, 2013

With this I think this totally has to do with TRUST.

Trusting Spirit to take care of me.

To not let me fall — or fail.

Oh, and also perseverance.

Man, I am so strong and focused these days.  That has been a great gift.

Really hardcore belief in myself and my gift.  Hardcore commitment to get my gift out there and to make lots of money from it.  To live luxuriously doing what comes to easily and what I love.

So again I think it’s showing me that I keep going.  Like I do every day.  I keep following what Spirit tells me to do and keep asking and then thanking for the abundance that comes or is coming.

I know things are building.  I also know if you keep putting “pressure” on Spirit like I am… again, the perseverance, the determination, the focus – that things happen.

So now that I shared the lessons I am learning… assuming these are the only lessons.. then that means POOF, I would have cleared up both of these things and now I am going to be flooded with high paying opportunities doing what I love.

Yes, I’m ready.

Yes, thank you!!

(But again, I’ve done this a bunch of times…. and I’m still here, waiting… or rather still doing.. again, PERSEVERING… again TRUSTING… again KNOWING…. again, RELAXING and SURRENDERING.  If it’s not happening right this moment, it will be bigger and better, I KNOW this.)

I am G-d’s child.  G-d is the richest and most powerful man in the world.  His daughter is and will be taken care of and granted anything she desires.  I believe this to my core.  (do you?)