November 16, 2012

When we first get started on new projects… like maybe how you are doing with writing your blog posts or your thoughts about starting to offer your gifts…. we think everything has to be planned out and perfect.  After we’ve been doing it for awhile our perspective changes.  You then begin to alter as you do.

Let me give you two examples of what recently happened in my business…

1 – This project is still new to me.  It first started out as just me sharing my blog posts and everyone reading it.  It has now turned into everyone blogging their adventures as well.  Amazing how things came together with this, as it’s an idea I had with another project many years ago, and wrote it down in my book of ideas to use on a future project that I am actually getting started to prepare for the world right now.  Anyway, now everyone blogs.  But it started out as it being strongly suggested.  After now a few weeks of being into the adventure, I realize that it’s better if this is required.  So this is something I’ve changed on the website when people read about the program.  Because this is what it is…. a program.  People who come on the adventure get transformation, both by reading my journey… as well as blogging about their own – their thoughts and feelings.  And this is what I desire for everyone.  The other reason is because I want everyone to share what’s going on in their life… to create a community like that, even if people aren’t directly talking to one another.  It’s not just me sharing my private thoughts… everyone is.  So anyway, the point here is that I learned while I did.  I started off with an idea and then changed it as I went on.

2 – My second example.  I recently got a question by someone who wanted to read one of my blog posts, she didn’t seem to understand the concept of the adventure.  I sent her to my current pages and she still didn’t get it.  (Now, I don’t think she really read the pages.. but that’s another story) 🙂  Anyway, this sparked another idea of mine…. one that now requires each membership to be approved, by answering some questions beforehand.  This is not to be clique, but by the responses I got from this woman I knew she was not a good match for the website – even if she did pay the money to get access to read the blog posts.  And that’s another good lesson.  Because of her, I updated the web pages to explain more what the site is about and the benefits and I also added some questions for people to fill out in order to get their membership approved.  Again, the desire is to get likeminded individuals on the same / similar path… so we all feel we belong.

So there you go.  Two examples of how doing the program and seeing people’s reactions plus checking in with how you are feeling about everything – plus checking in with your big vision – makes your projects better.