November 7, 2012

So as I shared with you earlier, Spirit has been teaching me my lessons – I’ve been going through my growth – through laughter, fun, happiness, and play.  If you are anything like how I used to be (I’m transitioning out of it) I used to learn my lessons through pain and struggle.

But not anymore. It’s all changing now.  Thankfully.  Gratefully.  Now I learn through laughter, fun, happiness, and play and I wanted to share with you one of the lessons I have learned.  I learned this through seashelling.

You see, I love seashelling.  It’s a new hobby to me but it’s one of those things that when I started doing it I knew I had found my home.  The way it works… or rather, the way I do it.. is I walk along the seashore.  I talk to the sea.  I share the concerns I have at that moment to “clear the slate”  and get it all out of me.  I get guidance from the sea and my guides.  As I am doing this, the sea sprinkles me with sunshine.  It surprises me with gifts.  It gives me seashells.  Unique seashells that I love to find.

Along my path, when I am walking, I get into the zone.  I get in alignment with source when I am walking and talking and venting.  It puts me into a place that I feel zen-like and at peace. (even though I may be yapping away) 🙂

And the sea has told me… “Just keep walking…. you don’t have to look for seashells… we’ll send them your way… just walk”

So this is the most recent lesson.  Keep on my path.  Keep walking.  Keep doing.  Stay in connection with Spirit.  Talk to them.  Let them know what is going on.  What I need help with.  What I want…. and they will bring it. They do bring it.  Each time I am out there.  No need to “hunt” for treasure… it appears.

Same deal with clients… or money…. or big opportunities that I am desiring…. keep walking, keep doing, stay in connection with Spirit, keep letting them know how I am feeling, what I am desiring, what I need help with… and it will come.

Just like the seashells.  The unique ones that I desire (not those silly white or orange ones that are a dime a dozen)… the unique and special ones…. I just stay in connection and they come.

I’m being taken care of.  And so are you.

That’s lesson 1 from seashelling (it’s actually lesson #3) but I didn’t post the others just yet 🙂