November 12, 2012

So when you implement these new ways of being into your life there’s going to be a learning curve where you may very well feel awkward as hell.

Awkward.  Uncomfortable.  Stupid.  Embarrassed.

This is natural.  Still proceed forward.

I have always done this for the sake of growth when I was in relationships… share all of me, no matter when things came up, for the sake of learning and growing through it – but when it came to business and in communicating with students, I would hold back.

Again, the same old shit of being professional and spiritual teachers should have their act together – and it’s better to appear all together than appear as a fool.

But I let that go today.  Hoorah!

Who cares about reputation! 🙂

Not like anything bad happened or not that I disrespected anyone or anything… I just spoke my truth.  I shared what I have to offer and was maybe a little bit “annoying” by bringing it up again – or maybe I would be perceived as being “pushy” or “rude” or maybe even “after the money”

And this is what I always thought about salesy people who presented their material or tried to get me to do sessions – I always backed away.  Thought they were after my money.  Felt put off.  Felt annoyed.  Turned off.

But now I am viewing this differently.  I view this as passion (not for them necessarily, but for me).

I view this as determination.

I am passionate about my gifts.  I am determined to offer them to you.

If I don’t share with you what I do and all of what I do… and even push you along the way a bit (there’s that bossy thing coming up) – then I don’t feel right anymore.

It’s about learning to love and accept my “bossy” side.

You see, I know I’m not after anyone’s money.  Like I made in a previous post I don’t even think about the money anymore.  I just think, now, about helping the person.

I know I can help you.  Period.  End of story.

Not always.  But from the times that I know I can help you, if I hold back because I am afraid of what you are going to think of me or fear of being pushy – well, hell no.  Not anymore.

This is a new me… and again, like I said earlier, there’s going to be a learning curve.

A shifting of people.

People who will move closer to me because they can feel my passion and they like my energy and a shifting away of people who don’t like it.

I have more realizations about this, I am going to separate it into a separate post since it’s a separate but related topic.  I’d like you to blog about what you just read and what it sparked for you…. Enjoy!