May 28, 2013

I am really looking forward to move to LA.  I keep meeting or seeing these guys who live out in LA and I’m all about it.

I love the idea of being around creative people who are full of passion – who love TV – creativity, and following their dreams.

I love that energy and it amazes me its taken me so long to go out there.  I’ve always felt the pull but never as much as now (by the way, as I write this – the movie preview that is playing in the background said “los angeles” – great confirmation!)

I feel my husband is out there, along with overall really cool people.  Those are my people.  I would say more than spiritual people.  Well, maybe, who knows.  It’s the boldness, the straight, fast talk, I love.  Those are my people.

And of course there are those people who are the “bad” LA people.  Fake, etc.  And I know people complain about that but I’m looking forward to finding my people and doing what I love.  Yes!  Thank you!