March 27, 2013

I find that these days the guidance for me is to keep moving forward.  Keep pushing it.  Keep going.  Don’t stop.

I guess my tendency has been to put out some effort and then wait for things to happen or put out some effort and then get disappointed or feel hopeless or tired — or any version of that.  Something.

But Spirit keeps saying to me — KEEP GOING — KEEP GOING

Keep putting more feelers out there, keep doing things, keep producing, keep creating, keep going.

And part of me is like “Oh man, I’m tired — I don’t know if I can keep going — I need to rest, I want to rest — and this shouldn’t be so hard”

But Spirit tells me, in so many words, get over it.

Keep going.

I don’t know if this is a building of the manifestation energy.  Yes, it is.  (okay)

I don’t know if this is a breaking of old patterns.  Yes, it is.  (okay)

I don’t know if this is a thing that I use “i’m tired” as a way to feel sorry for myself and give up.  Yes, it is (okay)

Okay… so I keep going.

And now I know why I have been solo these last years, to myself, maybe in a bubble, things have been quiet with biz opportunities and clients.  Well, maybe it’s cause now I needed all that energy.  I was saving up, resting up — because the COMING OUT phase takes a whole lot of energy.

Spirit told me two nights ago that everyone has their own path to coming out.  For me, it is this pushing and pushing and more pushing forward.  To be fearless and keep going.

These days I look for things that give me more energy.  I have notes up to go take walks, nap, and exercise.  Keep refueling my energy because I know I need to do so much stuff.

And today — I got good news.  I was chosen to do a video series on and — a network that gets over 100+ million visitors a month.  Yes, amazing.  This could be really good for me.  Really good…. at least I hope 🙂

I wake up early in the morning and straight to work.  So much passion and so many ideas, I need to split my time between projects and constantly tap into Spirit and ask “What’s next”