April 1, 2013

Every day I ask Spirit what’s next?  What should I do?

And they keep saying KEEP GOING.

Keep sending out query letters

Keep sending out email pitches for writing jobs

Keep on the lookout for pitching myself to be on TV.


And I find this funny, kind of.  The lazy part of me is like “oh, I just want to hang around”

But I need to keep going.

It’s the birthing process.  Keep putting out energy.  Keep going.

Not waiting for others to react favorably to you, to show you you are on the right path.  You keep moving forward with determination.  I have these cards with messages from Ascended Masters and they keep coming up with STAY FOCUSED as well.  KEEP GOING.


Resting days are gone.  Doing days are here.

Don’t complain Blaire.. you keep saying you want to be a mover and shaker… so keep doing!! hehe 🙂