May 31, 2013

Everything these days is teaching me to keep going.

To hold in my power.  To use my power — to keep going after what I want.


My Divorce.

Putting Myself Out There.

The Life Of My Dreams.


You would think that Spirit would just give you one thing as a “putting on the heat” type of activity.

But at this time, my soul (for some reason) called forth three things to bring in my power and make things happen.



ENERGY (oh gosh, I am feeling tired with this.  That’s why I also see why it’s so important for me to rest)

But guess what, you kind of can’t rest — cause you gotta make money to support yourself.

But guess what again, you have to rest because you are using a new way to go after things.  Not to work hard, but to attract it to you.

So go, go, go — but be in manifestation mode and RELAX and receive.


Haha!  Do you see how crazy fantastic this all is?

Ahh… thanks for the laugh.

You gotta laugh.

Okay, off to the courthouse, then off to a coffee shop and beach to write up my TV pitches.