February 19, 2014

I’ve noticed that on Twitter I’ve attracted several women haters.  Jealous girls.  Who have been writing notes to one another about me.

I blocked two of them, but noticed that two more joined them today.

One of them even looks like this girl hater who was crazy over me 10 years ago.

Interesting how that cycles around.

But I’m going to keep going.

I keep posting on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m going to keep making videos.

I keep moving forward.

Clearing out any fear that comes up from having detractors.

Clearing out any fear that comes up about my safety.

This time (lifetime that is) I will continue with my mission — keep it going — and be successful, safe, powerful, and enjoy it.

In past lifetimes I know I feared for my life.

In past lifetimes I got killed and tortured and betrayed when I was at the top.

This time I’m wiser.  Those memories stay with me but I’m able to navigate.

This lifetime there have been starts and stops with my rise to success.  Stopping each time I got fearful or someone said something too painful or scary or whatever.

This time I continue forward.

I’m not 100% sure with my place in this world — meaning one on one students (although I do feel this is the way for me), or workshops (which doesn’t seem like the way for me, at least now), and TV.

I’m talking about marketing and how people label me.

I’m not sure where I land with that since I talk about many things and people see different things with me — but I keep going.

I will find my way.

And the only way I feel good and in alignment and powerful is when I am speaking out.

It’s my new normal — because my old normal of playing small no longer felt good, comfortable, or happy.

I just keep going…..

(And you will too) 🙂