April 19, 2013

So I watched that video I just posted again and I’m not yelling.  Totally not yelling at all.  It looked sweet, approachable, and passionate.  Coming from the heart…

I love the video.  I love how I look in it.  I look so beautiful – and feel so beautiful in the video too.

It’s natural and it’s the real me.

Funny, saying cute things.  Laughing at myself and the thoughts that come to me and the words I say.  It’s the True Me.

It’s beautiful.

And I’m totally not yelling in the video.

I guess it’s just something new to me.  Talking in full power.

But I notice I use a lot of my energy.

My throat I am more aware of, taking extra care of, I feel my heart pounding and my head.

Again, all new experiences.

I’ll get used to it…

And so will you, when you’re ready.

Because now my message is getting across.

Now I feel — see — know people are listening.

Now people are acting.

I feel everyone is gathering around me.

And I feel so blessed that I am working with psychics and artists.  Maybe people who aren’t fully aware that this is them — and don’t maybe label themselves as such, but I know that’s who they are — and how fucking cool is that?

I love artists

Love creative people

Love psychic people — and people who read oracle cards, do readings, etc…

And now it’s becoming more and more clear these are my students.

Helping them step into this role.

And helping them step bigger.


And at this time, I am just drinking more herbal tea to soothe my throat and nurture it… cause again, it still feels like I’m yelling 🙂