May 11, 2013

Interesting how all this clearing happened just 1 month after I updated my “welcome to my newsletter” emails.  That in itself was an upgrade for me.  I was talking about my value and I was talking about why I charge what I charge.

Here are those videos — and yes, it did take me time to do this stuff, but you have to be willing to release things.  At least that has been my journey throughout “business owning and running” — it’s like I will set up something, work at it, put time and energy into something, and then somehow that will be a signal to Spirit that it’s time for me to upgrade — to expand — and that I’m ready.

Interestingly enough, just yesterday or the day before I que’ed all these emails to be sent as the promotion for my reduced Retreat emails, since they are $2,000 OFF now.  And yes, that took time and energy – and I could be upset and wonder what was the point?  Maybe a little part of me does wonder that… but look where it got me…. thinking that my mailing list was useless and what was the point of emailing them anyway with the promotional emails… then thinking what was the point of giving them EVEN MORE INFO which is what I was sharing in those emails to “sell” and “entice” them.

But fuck that.  My work has value.  I’m really good at what I do.  And I protect and honor that.

In any event, here’s my mailing list email “welcome” videos that are now just up on YouTube and people will find them that way, rather than a “bribe” for people to sign up for my mailing list.  Enough of that! Thank g-d for that!  Feel so happy about it!!

What is Healing & Following the Signs.
View this 1st video here:


View the 2nd video in this series:
“What Is Healing?”


View the 3rd video in this series:
“Following The Signs”


View the 4th video in this series:
“How I Can Help You”


View the 5th video in this series:
“Why I Charge What I Charge”


View the 6th video in this series:
“Taking The Leap”


Ohh!  Just want to add that as I was doing this 555 on my computer screen 🙂

And while I was out on my walk thinking about this stuff, talking about money to Spirit got 777

And then when I was home got 333 and 444

Spirit has been all around me today.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up teaching and talking about





Sounds fun and exciting to me.

We’ll see where all this takes me!!


I’m so beautiful, courageous, fearless, and wonderful!

So proud of myself!  I feel ALIVE!


PS:  After I posted that I was releasing my newsletter, synchronistically came upon an audio that was talking about resistance and how it’s a great way the flow gives us messages.  That mailing list was causing me STRESS for MANY MANY YEARS — that was resistance — I’m so grateful to finally release it. I’m posting this PS several hours later and I feel so great!  Even started writing a new song about making money in new ways!! Plus re-birthed a dream I had for myself years ago about teaching about making money and seeing my face on the cover of Fortune and/or Entrepreneur, getting known for my unconventional ways.  It gets me so excited to talk about this different way of building a business!! FANTASTIC!

PSS:  This morning I saw a LOAD of little, baby, intsy, bitsy frogs leaping around.  Have to think that was a sign for my leap today and for what’s to come!  So excited!!