April 20, 2013

I really like Joel Osteen.  I don’t watch him all that much (I like Joyce Meyer as well) – but when I see something on, I’ll watch it.  Still, it’s not all that much.

Anyway, I saw he was in Miami tonight.  Bummer.  I would have LOVED to see him live and in person.  Fantastic.

During his talk — he was streaming live — he had people singing (the choir) and live instruments.

And he said to his people they should dance, celebrate, and rejoice with Spirit.  Celebrate the good in their life… or something like that.

So I said, I’m going to dance my gratitude for my dreams coming in. For my dreams coming true.

So I started weird dancing — like I like doing — and singing the praises that the choir was leading us through — and it was great.

I could see myself doing something like that.  I’m obviously always drawn to preacher types.

Remember Martin Luther King who was guiding me (which he’s not really around anymore) — and he had a preacher / minister background too.. his father was as well.

And I really like that, although I was never around that growing up (I”m Jewish)

The song combined with dance and prayer.

I really love it.

And wouldn’t you know… that night I went to walk Magic and this girl was talking on her phone passed us… she was talking in another language, but in English she said… you see, yes… yes… you see, dreams do come true.

Haha!  That was a great message from Spirit to me.  I was just dancing for them in gratitude for my dreams having come true.

It was great.

I would love to do more events RIGHT NOW where more dance and song is involved.  And I will soon… It’s been a desire for a long time.  And I realize that’s where my songwriting comes into play.  I used to always sing manifestation songs… and I’ve started doing it again.  It’s great 🙂  I love it.