November 5, 2012

The other thing I wanted to talk about with past students is this, jealousy.

This post is related to the one you got two posts ago, about sadness related to saying goodbye to students….

When students leave (again, this could me graduating them) I feel a bit jealous when I hear what they are up to.

Left out.

Yea, maybe this sounds crazy to you. ¬†Maybe you are judging me for this, but it’s how I feel…. I’m being honest here ūüôā

Past students may check in and say “Hi, I’m doing great, I’m learning this or that, and I’m reading this book or that book… or doing this workshop or that one.” and I feel sad and jealous.

Jealous that they are learning with someone else.

Protective over them.

I want them back.


Now, I have learned from so many teachers and healers.

I have experienced a lot of different healing modalities.

I have read loads of books and taken many classes and workshops.

I used to do this to my teachers as well…. “Hey! ¬†I’m thinking about you, I’m learning this, it’s so great!”

And it’s nice to hear from a past student… cause like I said before, I do wonder about them and wish them well on their journey.

And it’s nice to hear from them to hear that they are doing well on their path…

But again, that jealousy feeling of “they’re learning with x person or thing.. and what about me?”

And again, this is another thing that I have been thinking about these days – – thinking of a way to remedy it, because although we are all learning things everyday in our lives, most … if not all, of my teachers and healers are still doing the same work they were doing when I first worked with them.

In a way, there was no more I could learn from them. ¬†It started sounding like the same stuff over and over… but there’s where I feel I’m different. ¬†Again, all of our lives are constantly changing, so I’m not saying this as a “I’m better” type of thing… I’m just saying that I help people with, what I feel is constant stuff that they could use guidance with in their lives.

1 – attracting love

2 – having a better relationship once they’ve found love

3 – relationship and marriage guidance

4 – healing work – related to emotional healing, anger, sadness, guilt, fear, etc… people always need/want help with this…

5 – now i’m teaching about personal power. ¬†this is a huge thing and from what I’ve experience an ongoing process which has now been a learning and a deepening over the last 3 years.

6 – helping people discover and uncover and heal so their gifts come out and blossom

7 – guiding people onto their life mission (helping them uncover this then navigate once on it)

8 – psychic development

9 – getting in alignment with living a heaven on earth type of life

10 – shifting from learning lessons from struggle and pain to ease, happiness, laughter, and fun.

… and I can help them with their business in developing it as well. ¬†I tend to do this for lightworkers anyway when we are chatting.

11 – plus help with family relationships, this is something I’ve already been doing healing work with.

12 – developing a deeper relationship with themselves

And probably on and on…..

So really, is there any reason for students to “leave me” and go work with someone else?

Maybe for classes here and there… but overall, I think not. ¬†Simply because I do constant growth, healing and work to train myself and this is what I pass onto students.

So… hmmm…. ¬†these jealousy feelings are here teaching me something. ¬†Showing me something. Showing me my worth. ¬†Until we know what we are offering… until we know our worth, no one else will value it. ¬†And this is what has been reflected with some students who leave and don’t come back. ¬†I think this is what the message is…. at least for now ūüôā