June 18, 2013

I was joking around with Spirit — in one of my daydreams outside — when “random” thoughts come into my mind and I was having a conversation with someone / maybe it was a tv interview in my head and the question was…..

or actually maybe it was a comment…

about how I got my own TV show.

And normally the saying is “I have friends in high places”

Or “I have contacts in high places”

But the joke — or rather – the truth that came out was that I have spirit friends in high places.

And then there was this birth of a dream – a wish – a prayer.

I laughed at the cleverness that just came out of my mouth.

My guides and I joke a lot and they always amaze me with what comes out…. channeling it through…

And I said to them, please, yes, let’s make this happen.

The saying out there is who you know… and having to network… and having to have friends or know people in these high positions — and those are the people who hook you up but what about you guys.

I just have you guys.

And please let that be enough.

Let’s show the world that all you need it G-d.  All you need is a strong connection to Spirit.

And I told them… I’ll do it.  You move me forward with this and I’ll go tell the world how I have Spirit Friends in high places and that’s all what anyone needs.

They don’t need to work hard at any of these things.. all they need to do is cultivate their relationship with themselves and with YOU.

How great would that be.

And I had this vision of me accepting an Emmy and saying — and I want to Thank my angels, my guides, my AA, AM, ancestors, fairies… my dog, Magic.

Haha.  It’d be funny, but it’s also true — and everyone should know.

And I’m proud of that.  I’m proud of my Spirit Friends.  I love them with all my heart.

Let’s see how this goes 🙂