February 22, 2013

Lately this thought has come into my mind – I’ve found my niche.

Now, yes, my niche, I believe does have to do with healing people’s unconscious thought patterns, wounding, etc.  HEALING.  Yes, that’s a big one.

But the thing I am talking about here has to do with what I want to write about and what I want to talk about.

Now you would think I would want to write about attracting “the One” since it’s what I wrote one of my books on, that I know will get published and be out in the world teaching

And same deal with the hurt, feelings of frustration, anger, etc — the healing I talk about above.

But no, I don’t want to talk about that or write about that, at least not now.

I feel like that work is reserved for my private paying students.  It’s for my paying programs, etc.

But what I feel like talking and writing about is current events and my take on it.

I have some incredible opinions and I see these things in the news and it sparks all this passion.

Here’s an example of something I posted on my Facebook

This was a post on the NY Post’s Facebook page that came through my feed today. This terrible. Why would anyone post this??? Just because we have access to this information, doesn’t mean ANYONE wants to see it. — LET’S TALK ABOUT POWER. You may be in a position of power. Maybe you are a TV Producer, maybe you are a Police Officer, maybe you are a teacher. Even if you think you have NO power in your life, I assure you, in some area – you do. When you are placed in a position of power, you have to constantly ask yourself, “How will I use my power? Is this for the highest good of all? Will I be doing good in this world if I use my power in this way? Or is there something wrong in this situation?” It is time that more of us 1) Recognize that we DO have power and 2) Start using our power in a way that will help better ourselves and others. It’s about positively contributing to society… lifting people up… bringing in more love and light, rather than like this post.. bring in more sadness, chaos, frustration and upset. HOW WILL YOU USE YOUR POWER TODAY? To help or to harm? Only you can answer.

This was in response to:

These are the last heartbreaking text messages from a terrified mom the day her daughter vanished. Her body was found on a Breezy Point beach Sunday, the apparent victim of foul play.http://nyp.st/Vu4sFO

And they posted the text messages…. on a screenshot.

Here’s something else I wrote, related to a recent story

NY DAILY NEWS: MAN USES CHRISTIAN DATING SITE TO FIND RAPE VICTIMS: It’s disgusting how people can turn something so beautiful – like looking for one’s life partner – into a vehicle to support their own disease and dysfunction. I hope you are properly screening potential dates when you are dating on and off line. Many people are wayyyyy too trusting and open with private information. Quick to let someone into your life. I have done this my whole life, but thankfully I have developed better discernment. This is all the more reason to develop your intuition and step more into your personal power. This way you can effectively navigate all the relationships in your life – intimate, friendship, family and business. READ THE STORY: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/man-christian-dating-site-find-rape-victim-cops-article-1.1266583

I really like sharing my opinions — and I have always had strong opinions and passion.

So this is what I’d like to get a job on TV and in Print writing and talking about.

Still to do what I’m doing with private clients, but for public stuff, I love this other stuff.

Now, it’s just a matter of time of having time and energy to pitch myself.  I’ve been a bit tired this week, I think I’m adjusting to some new levels and releasing some stuff, due to writing my book – new memories have come up and I’m clearing some things with that as well… making way for the new.

So been taking care of my body and energy at times this week and will continue to this weekend.