May 29, 2013

Had a slow start this morning but got into the groove.  Reading / finishing up my TV books and doing online research.

I could hear my guides saying to me each time I wandered off,was spending too long on something — “you’re procrastinating, you’re procrastinating”

It’s time for me to write up my pitches and to refine them.

Time for me to put my ideas out there.  To do it.

Why do I procrastinate?  I never saw myself as a procrastinator — and I love learning all this stuff, I end up having a million screen windows open watching interviews and reading stuff.

But it’s time for me to start writing up stuff.

Now’s the time.

My time.

It’s like now I need to DO.  Not just talk about how great I am.  Do.  Produce.  And for some reasons that doing.  Showing.  Acting.  I don’t know…. well that causes me to procrastinate.

But I keep moving through it, so that’s good.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to a networking event.  Put myself out there.  The idea these days is to keep talking about my work.  Now is the time.  It gets clearer what I’m doing, what I’m pitching, where I’m going as I speak.  As I speak, I tweak.  So it’s helpful.

I seem to feel concerned and hesitant when I’m in my head.

When I’m doing, I’m good – confident, in charge.

Interestingly enough or rather wonderfully enough, I keep making contacts in Entertainment.  TV people keep writing me back.  We’re joking with one another, having fun.

For an industry that people say is so hard to get into, it’s always been easy for me.

This thought concerns me too — cause again when it comes time for me to sell this project, that means I need to again, not just talk about it — but do.  Produce.


The other thing I’ve been thinking about and noticing… this is nothing new, is that wild personality, loud personality, passion is very much loved and accepted and rewarded in TV.

In spirituality — or maybe just the people I’ve been around and noticing, this seems to scare them.

Not sure why.

Caught between two worlds.

Ahh, whatever, letting that go too — I need to let that go.   Who cares, it’s an old experience.  That’s looking to the past – not the future.