June 1, 2013

Something that kept coming to me as I was writing up my TV ideas yesterday, organizing my thoughts — was that this is now all in my hands.

Write up the stuff this weekend.  Finish it up, clean up the pitches and then next week I’ll be able to get this out there and pitch it.

It’s all in my hands.

How quickly do I want to make things happen?

How quickly do I want to step into my passion?

How quickly do I want to get paid?

Well, the energy is here — in my favor — all the steps are for me to DO.

Do with the pitch.  Refine that.

Do with my outfit and my agenda teaching.  Refine that.

Sometimes we are waiting for the Universe to do things.  Other times it’s up to us.

Now it’s time for me to get this going.  That’s what I’m doing… off the computer, off to the pool.  WRITE. WRITE. WRITE.

Something fun to share is that I watched two movies over the last few days, one last night — one a few nights ago.  Both had to do with TV and making a movie.

Argo a few nights ago — about making a movie, going to Hollywood.

Playing for Keeps last night — about a guy trying out for a tv hosting job, heading to the studio, making a demo.  As I was watching this movie, this part in the movie at the studio where he was making the demo, Spirit said… are you ready?  🙂  Yes, I am.  I was trying to hold that energy as I was watching it, getting a bit nervous 🙂

There is no coincidence with these two movies.  How crazy and cool, right?

This is what is happening… my life… yes! 🙂

By the way, the number sequences continue… 11:44AM now.  caught 11:33 too… amongst many others today and yesterday.  Love the new combinations, fun 🙂

Also, something else fun to add… this morning was out walking Magic and as I was coming up with new ways to present my work I walked past a dead frog.  Dead, having to do with tides changing, renewal, new life (that’s how I’m interpreting it, means different things at different times) and frog having to do with transformation and cleaning out negativity.. and I think that latter one is significant because the ideas I’ve been coming up with teaching the work has to do with this lightness in the teaching, playfulness, clearing out all negativity that has risen from the work I do, since I tend to work with darker emotions, shadow self stuff, helping people heal.  BEAUTIFUL!

I also found a bouncy ball.  Not sure of the significance, other than it just being a fun childhood thing I used to play with.  The meaning — fun.  And yes, that’s what I am focusing on now as well with this new way of teaching.  Okay, so that’s related too 🙂



Off to the movies tonight.  Excited!