April 2, 2013

As I was driving to the beach, my guides told me IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE – enjoy it.

Today — and the days leading up to today, as I’m doing my interview today — I knew that this was a big step for me.  A big step forward, a HUGE LEAP towards me having my own TV show.  Making my dreams come true.  Being the leader and the expert.  I see that so clearly today and anytime I spend time daydreaming about it, my whole future (or at least a portion of it) becomes VERY CLEAR.


Meaning, the rise to the top only happens once.  You become famous once.  Enjoy it.

Now of course my logical mind can debate this.

There are plenty of people who rise to the top, then back down, then back up again.  And for me, this also has to do with past life stuff, that I’m healing and clearing through.

But if we don’t analyze it — the initial rise to the top only happens once.

This made me smile and laugh because I used to always say this to my ex, you only fall in love — and couple up once.  I kept telling him, let’s date more, let’s enjoy this getting to know one another stage more… it only happens once.

And I always felt like I really missed out in the enjoyment of that.  Everything was always so rushed and pressurized since he was from another country and our time together was so limited, since I had to fly to him or vice versa and we were with one another for short periods of time, etc.  It was complicated, you’ll read about it in my book 🙂

So that made me smile.  It only happens once.

I totally get it.

And I am enjoying it today.  Cleaning up my home, relaxing.  At the beach, relaxing.  Just being, enjoying.

This is my rise to the top.  It’s occurring now.  I’m allowing it.

It only happens once and I want to take in each moment of it.