March 5, 2014

Something that I learned from selling my stuff over these last few months is that it always sells.

The way I did it was posted it online — was anxious, nervous, uptight, almost in a flurry at times — wanting to sell the items, needing to sell the items, uptight over selling the items — when is it going to happen?  when is it going to happen? and… it’s not happening soon enough.


I got myself all worked up for no reason.

Because I was on my own internal timeline.

And there was no need for that.

Well, it made sense for me then – but I’ve learned something from it.

The items always sell.


Well, maybe not always.  Sometimes I get fed up with the item and donate it.

Or lower the price.

But it sells.

People always end up calling — even if it’s months later.

I’m still getting emails and calls about some items that already sold.

So again the lesson here is RELAX.

It all worked out.

And I can choose to be uptight, nervous, anxious, praying hard and getting myself more worked up.

Or I can relax into it.  Pray.  And pray again or pray hard if I want.  But to do other stuff.


The “do other stuff” is something I am still working on.

It’s been something I’ve been learning for several months now.

Because it’s the same thing with money.  I can be uptight, nervous, anxious about where the money is coming from.

Make myself really uncomfortable.

Or I can just relax, pray and trust it will come through.

And it always does.

So the choice is up to me what I want to do to my nervous system.

I choose to keep it relaxed.

So when you’re relaxed, not worried about these things you have to do “other stuff”

What’s that other stuff?

I don’t really know.

I’ve been going on walks.


Taking a leisurely shower.

Getting dressed leisurely.

Time is on my side.

I need friends.

I need to start up hobbies.

That’s what I need to do.

The “other” stuff.

Other stuff while Spirit takes care of my money, selling my items, career, etc.

OTHER stuff.


It’s definitely a different way of doing life.


And thank you.