January 10, 2013

After I wrote my last post and left the computer for a bit, something came to mind… and that is, the person who’s arranging me to speak has two issues.

1) Lack of faith

2) Trouble receiving.

I can see how I have this going on at times as well.  Especially when it comes to my personal events and my business in general.

I will say I’m getting better, but seeing it in someone else makes it more clearer with what’s going on in me.

This person is real antsy with keeping track of every sign up on the event, even though they just listed it.

Give it space.  Let it gather.

They are untrusting that people will purchase tickets.

Interesting how I typically think people are full of shit when they RSVP on meetup and then don’t pay – but yet with this person’s event I have trust and faith, I know people will sign up.  I’m removed from it.  Not thinking about it.  I have other things going on.

The next thing is the inability or trouble/issues with receiving.

This person needs to constantly be doing.

Sending emails to me to ask this or that minor question and to confirm stuff that are really no big deal.  As well as sending emails to people on their list.  Again, nervousness, again trouble receiving.

Receiving is not a skill that is taught us.

We’re in a society that values doing.  Putting out energy.  It’s when we try to hold back, settle and ground, well this is where people run into trouble.

This is so very interesting, interesting how an “annoyance” turned into a teaching lesson for me… hehe, doesn’t it always.

I see how I can apply some things that have come through here as guidance into my own life and career.  Thank you