May 7, 2013

So then she asked me this:  (this was all in her original email)

This was in my email to her — Feel free to add anything else you’d like to share with me.

In case you have some special insight you would like to share with me, feel free to contact me any time. I am happy to receive any information which helps me to finally get this aspect of my life together. In case you still have your blog posts about how you attracted in your guy, I would be happy to read them as well. And before I post my first blog post on blairsland, I actually would like to know if my posts automatically can be seen by everybody who is on there or can I keep them private for myself as well in a first step? Can I also read what others have to say or can I maybe just read this once I started to blog myself?  

And this is what I wrote…  (again this was all in one email where she’s writing me all these questions and I’m responding to her in again, one email.
As for the blog posts about how I attracted “the One” etc – those will be available in my book that will be published sooner or later.  Don’t want to get too much into that as you’ll read about those details on the blog.  What I do offer for whoever wants to attract the One two options — an at home study course and an in person retreat.  The at home study course spans 5 months, but you become magnetic and start clearing and manifesting things right away, it doesn’t take the 5 months to start seeing shifts – although there is a lot of information and I wanted to provide the support so the program ended up being that amount of time.  The retreat is 4 days of working with me in person, you get the information quickly, you get the personal attention and support, and then you go home and have 8 weeks of manifestation activities to apply to your life.  The total of that program is 9 weeks (a bit over 2 months).  I’ll share the links below.
So she writes back afterwards that she didn’t like that I was selling her.
I will post her email in the next post I need to break it down as this is what got me today — again, totally finished with all of this shit.