June 15, 2013

I find myself irritated over internet marketers again.

One in particular.

She offers a marketing call each week and I have liked listening to it.

Now keep in mind, while I do like listening to it and have learned some stuff, I also at the same time always think the girl is full of shit, exaggerates, and is fake.  This always annoys me.

So I will add that there is no trust there with her.

And so the feelings / thoughts about her are bittersweet.

But with that said, and maybe this is the ridiculous part of it too, is that I have been considering taking a course she is offering that is upcoming.

It’s a bit expensive, but less than her other offerings and I do admire some things she’s been able to accomplish in her business, although I do question if anyone is really receiving any benefit… although they all do sing her praises…. but I see their businesses and they don’t look like they’re doing so good.

So anyway, I send a response to her email newsletter.

Asking her how to find the call in information to her weekly calls if I’m not on Facebook.

And she doesn’t reply.

Now this really angers me.

It’s this blow off tactic.


Why would she do that?  It’s a simple response.

I re-forwarded the email to her.  Still no reply.

I see her posting on Facebook.  She’s around.

She’s ignoring.

It’s not worth her time to reply to me.

But how can she assume that?  She’s already sussed me out and knows I’m not going to purchase from her?

Is that the reason?  This is just an assumption I’m making.. since this is what I started doing with some people that I’ve had a lot of interaction with and realized that they were just wasting my time.

The whole thing is ridiculous and a lot of internet marketers do this.

It drives me mad.

It’s like they pick and choose who they’ll respond to.  Or maybe they don’t respond to people unless they know you are enrolled in something?

I don’t fucking know.

They’re all pieces of shit.

It’s better off that I’m off Facebook and off from all their shit.

The only reason why I keep watching them is because they keep saying how much money they make and that irritates me only because they all come across as so fake to me and then they don’t reply to emails — and I don’t know how anyone can run a business like that.

Fuck them all.

Wouldn’t it be so comical if in my new copywriting job I was assigned to do copy for her.  Fucking hilarious.

I have a feeling that this week I’m going to be updating my website to add copywriting elements in as well as make myself more approachable, like add a phone number if someone wants to call about a program and ask a question.  I think I have that up there… but it’s been on my mind to make sure it is..

Fuck those assholes.

I really believe that those internet marketers who are teaching people how to build their business are doing just that… teaching them something, but I don’t think it’s really working for these people.

I was in contact with one of the people who learns from this girl… has paid for her intensives and other programs… and she’s the most unorganized person plus I know she’s not making any money in her business, it’s just the vibe I make.  So I think these business marketers are selling pipedreams, they just happen to do it well…. and then the cycle continues, their students/clients sell other people business advice, and it goes down the line.

One selling business advice to the other… then they sell business to the other…

And they are all chasing after the idea of — ohh, my coach makes x amount and I want to make millions too… so they keep going back and all that person needs to do is keep them motivated that they too can make as much as they are.  Selling people the dream….

That’s all I can come up with after all these years of watching these people — and sad to say it’s been an obsession since 2006.  Embarrassing, I know.

PS:  And great that this happens now, when AA Zadkiel has been helping me for weeks trying to heal anger and unforgiveness.  I wish this was easier, it’s been really hard.. and you know how I don’t like using that word.  I don’t like anything to be hard.  Hmm, how can I easily let go of anger? How can I easily forgive?  I want to release all of this once and for all.  Please help.