November 6, 2012

So some people may think I’m crazy for taking down my subscribe box from my website – and just as a disclaimer, although I did, I am still letting it integrate.  Letting the new information and guidance seek in.  So who knows, I may decide to put it back up or do it another way.

One thing that came to me already is that maybe I do a sign up email newsletter – a separate one – for people who say, for example, live in South Florida and want to be notified of events here.  But again, I’m not sure.  Even in writing that I’m turned off by it.  Memories of doing a meetup group where week after week emails went out to people who were in the area, who said they were interested in the meetup, yet only around 1% of those people who signed up for the meetup group actually signed up or showed up for an event.  Not worth it.

For me the idea is for people to give and take.  For them to come to my site to get information, use it as a resource, yes… fine, but not for me to feel like I’m sending out emails and no one responding or no personal touch.  Sending the info to strangers….

I look at this as the old fashioned days.  Where people had their client/customer list and that’s who they sent info to.  That’s it. If you purchased from them, you got something.  If you didn’t, you didn’t get anything until you bought.  It’s about a relationship and that’s what’s of interest to me now.

You see, again, in the past, I followed those internet marketing “rules” that you want to sort of net the place.  Reach many people, let them know about you, and promote that way.

But I don’t like promoting.  It always feels yucky to me.  It feels like I’m yelling and yelling in a megaphone and no one is listening.  But that’s where I was back in the day.  Trying to reach many people.  Trying to be seen by many people.  After all that’s what I thought I needed to do to reach more people (as in sales).

And of course this is about helping.  I don’t think I need to even mention that, because that’s who I am and that’s why I was chosen for this business… but in the end, especially with helping professions and spiritual professions, the emphasis is way outbalanced with helping people…. or serving… whatever word you want to use, and not based on general common sense or universal principles of you want to give and receive.

In spiritual communities and helping / service communities, the emphasis is always on giving… but it’s just as important to receive.

The other thing I want to mention here is that although before I was focused on reaching many people and having many people see my message… now I have transitioned into not being concerned by being seen by many people, it’s more of a focus on actually working with more of those people.  As a money exchange and a true relationship, not one that’s based on “look how many subscribers I have” and “look how many facebook followers I have”

But of course it’s not either/or.  That’s what we talked about in the last post.

For example, I either reach many people… or I get paid by many people.

Not so sure if I’m being clear about that…. but I do realize that I’m writing that it’s an either/or thing and it’s not…

Let me try another example cause I don’t think it’s coming out so clear 🙂

One does not equate another…. that I have a small list… which means I will have less people signed up for my services…

Or a large email Facebook list… which means I will have a larger people signed up for services.

I don’t know.  Don’t think this is coming so clear.  But this falls under the category of assumptions.  Hmm, that’s a good next post I think.  I want to write about one more thing, then I will write about assumptions.  Stay tuned 🙂