May 20, 2013

I received an interview request over the weekend from a very nice lady.  To do an hour interview on her podcast.  The email was very nice and supportive.  I had to do some googling to find her podcast and learn anything about her.  Which I thought was strange, or maybe just unprofessional to let me know more about her.

But in any event, at first I thought that a 20 minute interview would be enough and to let her know I could do that, but then again, a few days have passed since I read her email (got it on the 18th) and again, this expo took place and my mind is just elsewhere.

Just like when I got that feedback request / testimonial request from that lady who did a free mini reading from me, with this lady I felt like I “should” reply something nice back.  It’s good to have good people around you and I have gone through so much torment from people not replying to my emails.

So the last day or two I was thinking how to reply and now today, I just feel like deleting… and that’s what I’ll do.

This happened last week as well.  A lady emailed me through Facebook, she’s in a business Facebook group I’m a part of as well.  She seemed very nice through email and said she was guided to contact me and that we should Skype sometime soon.

Another one of those emails that I felt it was from a nice person, but didn’t feel the same pull to either 1) give a testimonial  2) do an interview 3) connect via Skype.

So same deal, I just let it go.  No reply.

For a few days with all of these people I was feeling bad.  Again, that I didn’t want to be that person who didn’t reply since it annoyed me so much.  But I’ve thought about writing replies and that doesn’t feel right.  Sometimes I think it’s just better to delete than to give a “nice reply” on why you are unavailable or the situation is not right for you right now.

I have mixed feelings about all three of these situations, but I’m going to have compassion towards myself and just let all of them go… their emails, that is.

Send all three of the ladies love and then let it be.

I don’t know..

And for once, that’s okay with me.

Receiving the love, accepting it without feeling an obligation to do anything in return.