March 7, 2013

So I told you I’ve been watching TV & film writers, actors, and directors interviews.  I’m getting really into it — and keep being pulled to different people to look up interviews on them.

So lately I watched Rihanna’s interview about domestic abuse

Rihanna on ABC 20/20 (Chris Brown) –

and Tyler Perry on Oprah talk about his physical and sexual abuse.

I’m posting the interviews here because maybe this will be of interest to you as well.  I am getting an understanding, more and more, as I continue the writing of my book and release fears, and relax into my purpose here that not only am I to help with emotional healing, but I am to talk about verbal and emotional abuse.  This is not something I am comfortable doing and in the end, who knows how this will all turn out with what I teach and how my book is presented.  But for now, these interviews give me inspiration and strength – as well as more insight into the sickness and family/generational patterns that are passed down – the secrets in the home.