April 1, 2013

I’ve been saying this for months – maybe years, that I want to be around people who inspire me.  Who bring me life.

Well, this weekend was the first time that things were really stepping into HIGH GEAR around this.

On Saturday — I got super pissed about living in Florida.  Many things were annoying me.  One of those things is that I don’t feel inspired by anyone here.  I think that everyone is just getting by, they are lazy, not motivated with their careers – it’s a different vibe than I’m used to with NYC.

Now at first I liked this, I thought FL was a good place to enjoy life, have a better quality of life, enjoy more sun, beach, and just be.

But these days I find it annoys the fuck out of me (Yes, I’m cursing a lot lately)

Cursing = Power.  Hehe.

I want to be around people who are making things happen.  As I step into this part of my life, the resting phase over, I want to be around movers and shakers.  I want to be around people who dress nice.  Professional, to go to work.  Rather than like slobs.  I’m lazy with my dress here too and originally that’s what I liked about it, but I want to start looking like money again, hustle bustle, happy and proud, doing something with my life.

I want to be around people who inspire me.

So this was another thing that I was removing on Facebook.  People who don’t inspire me.

I had a brief email conversation on FB with someone I know from home.  I wasn’t friends with them really back there, but knew them.  We’ve been friendly, blah, blah, blah, whatever.

Anyway, I get the same defeatist vibe from them in their life.

That they don’t ever think they’ll move from their parents house.

They don’t ever think they’ll get married, etc.

And it’s fucking depressing.

It’s uninspiring.

It’s sad.

And I used to feel bad for this person in the past.  Used to comfort (in a way) them.

But I told them, why are you not working any of my programs?  I’m here to help you?  I heard some bullshit answers at first, that they are not a divorcee.  And they they said they are afraid of something…

Okay, I get that, but are you going to be a person who walks through their fears?  Or gives into them?

They did not answer.  Just told me I was a good friend and thank you.

But are you a good friend to me?

Yes, you are there for me if I need you… so that falls in to that category, so that keeps me still connected to them.

But what I’m looking for now – to surround myself with — is people who are leaders, those who inspire me.

That’s who I want around me.  That’s what I deserve.  I deserve to be around other people who are making things happen in their life, like me.

My students inspire me.