April 12, 2013

Something has totally shifted for me with this. Incredible. I no longer see myself being uncomfortable around this person, or being angry at them, or anything. I see it like this…. (oh and by the way, this all shifted when I decided to honor myself and this client and chose to refund this client) — which I might add was something that came to mind the last session they had, but I was too blinded by this other stuff to really give those thoughts any long consideration…

So I now see it like this…. that this person has this pattern going on with people who get close to them. This is going to dig up a can of worms (is that the saying? Lol) if it’s brought up. I no longer feel the need to bring this up to them – again, if they ask, I will share it.

But this client is very happy and at a really good place in their life. I have helped them get where they wanted to go and that was the reason why they came to me.

Now I could continue riding out the sessions, which I think many people do, because it’s $$. This is something that healers / therapists and of course any other professional has to be aware of, easy to fall into this dependency thing for you and the client.

So I can say to the client, here, you have gotten to this really wonderful place in your healing. Let’s celebrate it on this call and close out your sessions. Honor them and that’s it. This whole thing about energetically and verbally what they do is something they aren’t necessarily interested in talking about, not there yet… maybe… so why would I bring it up? I won’t.

Also, I know they are not renewing, so it’s not right for me to continue doing healing work on them. They are at the place they wanted to be.

If we continue the sessions, it’ll dig up more things and then they will be left in this confused lost and scared place… cause that’s what I help my students through when they are going through programs and through healing into awareness.

I think it’s in integrity that I close this person up on a high, rather than leaving them lost/confused/scared. I don’t feel that’s professionally responsible of me. I know it’s not.

So this is incredible. I’ve learned so many lessons from this student.

I also think I am changing the way I work or maybe the way I present the way I work or maybe both. Because that means that the student has achieved healing what they wanted to do in 2 1/2 months rather than 3. Which is very fast. I have to re-word the way I present my programs – because if a student is finsihed early I want to be able to conclude them, rather than continuing the sessions and having talks about refunds etc. I even wonder if I am to give a refund (which I will in this case) but in the future, because I did my job. The program has a set cost and that’s not based (well not any longer) on number of sessions and duration.


**** Stil digesting this all ***

What an incredible experience this has been. Never had one like this before. This totally is changing the way I am looking at my gift, how I work with students, and how I present my work with packages. For this student I will discuss about a refund, but in the future I will be re-working how I present these programs and if the work is complete within a shorter period of time, then it’s complete. No refunds. it’s a win-win all around. They got what they wanted in shorter amount of time and my package price is reflective of that. Need to figure out the wording of that…. Wow, incredible shifts with this student and with me. What a gift. Thank you for helping me think through this. There was a hiding of my truth for embarrassment, but when I embarrassed it I got all the answers I was seeking. Amazing!