November 3, 2012

Since you are this point in the adventure I think it’s important to talk to you about increasing your intuition.  Since you will maybe… kind of… possibly feel like you are alone at this point in your journey, it’s key that you increase your intuition and psychic powers.  Why?  Because otherwise you will fall back into old patterns, doubt yourself, feel afraid, weak, anxious.  You will feel alone.

Alone, lost, afraid.

And what happens then?  You start going back to old patterning because you don’t have the support.

But guess what?  You do have the support.  You have your “Spirit friends” as I like to affectionately call them.  These are the angels, your guides, ascended masters, archangels, fairies, and more!

Now, if you’ve gotten this far in the journey most likely you are in some sort of communication with some or all of these “people” (again, just my thing, they are real to me so I call them people) 🙂

So one way that I am going to suggest to you today as a way of increasing  your intuition…. okay, two ways 🙂  as I am now encouraged to share another way is…. 1) Spend a lot of time in silence.  that’s right.  No TV, no radio.  Quiet time.  You know, like how you were told to do when you were a little kid 🙂

Well, not out of punishment, but quiet time is key to your process right now and in general as a way of increasing your intuition.  Your Spirit Friends are constantly talking to you, but how the heck are you going to hear, see, feel, know them if there is constant noise and distraction?  The answer is, you won’t.

The second thing related to this is… 2) When you are working or doing any type of activity, do that in silence as well.

You see I used to work on my computer with the TV on in the background.  I love my TV.  I love the shows and I love all the stuff that goes on on it.  You might love your music.

But either way, turn it off.  When you want to watch TV, watch TV.  When you want to listen to radio, listen to radio.

When you are transitioning to make spiritual work your full time work or even more of a part time gig or want to explore that possibility it is best that again, you keep the lines clear to your intuition and Spirit Friends – – keep it quiet around you, so you can hear them! 🙂