May 16, 2013

So I had the thought to ask my neighbor if she wanted to come to the singles expo with me.  If she wanted to help with the table on and off and could walk around and meet people.  It would be a good way for her to talk to guys.

Anyway, when I asked her she wasn’t so happy.  She had mixed reaction.  Yes, BUT… this and that, she doesn’t really want to meet someone…. although she does get lonely at night…. she thinks she’s scared.. or not ready.  Or…. WHAT?

I don’t give a shit.

Plus I can’t even listen to this.

It was terrible and so draining.

She’s not a client and if she was I think she would drive me crazy.

Then later that day I was talking to another one of my neighbors.  She had offered me her bonzai tree.  That was very nice.  Bonzai tree is for good luck and invitation for good fortune.  Thank you.  But when I went to pick it up, she’s yelling at her dogs to stop barking (that’s totally normal when a stranger comes to the door!), and complaining and complaining and wining.

Ohh, it was terrible.  I couldn’t be around her either.

Both of these women are in their 50s-60s and have been alone for a long time.  This lady went on to complain about her plants, and it ended up something happened to her bonzai tree in those few hours from when she offered it to me, that now she threw it in the dumpster.  Strange.  But thank you, Spirit didn’t want me having her energy in my home.  THANK YOU!

So I realize how i have no tolerance for complaining anymore.  It makes my skin crawl.  I can’t be around it, I can’t listen to it.

So I went home and prayed that this lady I had just asked to work at my booth with me couldn’t come.  (She had to check on some plans) — I prayed for someone positive, someone who would be fun.

And just like that… immediately the lady called me, said she couldn’t do it.  Her plans were set.


Then I happened to get my banner in the mail, which looks amazing, I posted it online.  Showed my photographer, as I was concerned it was low resolution for such a big banner, it was not… and she asked me again, when will you need new photos?

Well… actually you can come to the expo on Sunday!

She was over the moon super excited.  She’s a praying woman.  A positive woman.  We had a lot of fun together during our first shoot.  She’s a business woman so I’m sure she understands I will be focused on meeting people and selling….  I wonder if I have to confirm this with her?

And she told me she’d help me in any way she can.


This all happened within hours yesterday.  Great lining up of energy. THANK YOU!!!

Life is so good when it’s like this… and I think it’s going to stay like this.  I pray it will!!