June 3, 2013

I had a really good day — surprising, I guess — since I was feeling low at the close of the weekend.

Low about the “end” of the fun weekend.

But today proved to be quite fun.  Enjoyable!

I went at my own pace.  Didn’t rush out of bed or feel a heart rush to get things done.  But I did stay focused.

I wrote down some more ideas and did some more research about pitching.  And tomorrow I will type up the ideas and keep them moving forward.

Again, the temptation is to delay, not work on them.  But it’s so crazy (again) cause I enjoy it so much when I do.  Really weird phenomenon and I’m glad I’m sharing it with you so you don’t go thinking it’s strange or out of the ordinary if you experience it during your pursuit to happiness (doing your divine mission)

So I got work done.  More steps forward on my path.

Swam some laps — added 5 more minutes to the routine — and met a guy and had a really fun experience.

Here’s the post I wrote on my blog…

Ever since I moved to Florida three years ago I’ve noticed these huge monster trucks everywhere I went.  It’s part of the Florida culture.  Well, I never understood them.  Never understood why someone would want such a huge car.  Didn’t get what you put in the back of that car — or why you’d want to be so much higher than everyone else on the road (was it an ego thing?)

But then as time went by, I started to develop a desire to drive one.

Test it out.
See what all the fuss was about.

Well today that dream to test drive a monster truck came true!

You see, it really doesn’t matter how big or small your dreams are — Spirit will help you make them come true.

So as I was walking to the supermarket I passed a guy filling up the air on his tires.  His monster car tires.

At first I went to walk right past him, but something urged me to stop.  To start a conversation with him.  To ask him why he had bought that car — and what he liked about it so much.

Anyway, we got into a conversation and the guy ended up being pretty cool.

Along the way I mentioned that I’m a spiritual teacher – and he started telling me how amazing the Universe is — that he knew the air pump at the gas station we had met at was not going to be good for his tires — but he was in awe of how the Universe brought him there anyway — so he’d meet me.

That wasn’t a pick up line… it was just to share how he had recently gotten into learning about spirituality and meditation.

Well, there I was — a spiritual teacher delivered right to him.
Really… what are the odds?

But this works both ways, as it always does — because I got the answers to my questions about monster trucks and the guys who own them….

And I had mentioned to him that I always wanted to test drive one.

Well, right as I was going to finish the conversation and be back on my merry way — he said, “Get in!”  as he passed me and started walking to the passenger side.

“You drive this car!”

Well crazy as it may be… I jumped in.

I know, he’s a stranger… and of course I had hesitation since I just met him, but I figured, “Why not?  Live a little!”

Well, driving the truck was insane.  So high off the ground – it was really crazy.

Fun too.

Then he encouraged me to drive over the curb — twice.

So I did.

Again, more craziness.  And again more fun.  I was screaming like a looney as you would never be able to do that with my little Honda Fit.  You’d definitely cause some damage… get stuck on the curb or something — but with the truck, it was fun.

Like a big toy.

Anyway, that’s the beauty of working with the Universe.  Being in partnership with the Universe.

It helps you make your dreams come true.

It answers your prayers.

Just like that!

Fun 🙂