February 21, 2014

5:55PM as I write this.  Those 555’s follow me around these days alerting me to big changes happening.  I’m excited and I’m ready.  Answers to my prayers – Thank you.

I have this friend who is a green iguana.  It used to be around my terrace all the time but for the past 2 months its been gone.  There were two green iguanas actually and they used to frequently come and visit me.

Well for the past month or so there’s been a slew of dead lizards along my path.  I took this as the sign of the end of a cycle and how the tide was changing.  Since lizards / iguanas have to do with dreams coming true, I took this as the past dying and time for my dreams to happen.

Well today, wonderfully my green iguana friend came to visit.

Wonderful news!  Wonderful omen.

My dreams being reviewed before they manifest.  I know this means my dreams are ready to manifest.  The new cycle is here.  That’s why he came.  That and to say goodbye.  I’ve been thinking about my two iguana friends, thinking how I want to see them and say goodbye before I leave.  So this was their goodbye.

But then 6 hours later, I’m on the phone and glance outside and the same green iguana is hanging from the flimsiest leaf (it was HILARIOUS) right in alignment with my window so I would see him.  HILARIOUS.  He was fucking with me.  Playing with me.  And I’ve never seen him up that high and never saw him on that skinny leaf, it was barely holding his weight.  What a goof ball!  I’m still laughing from it.

And then on my walk to the supermarket (I love that I walk everywhere here, so amazing!  Great opportunity to talk to Spirit, connect with myself and get in sync with nature) well I had the most amazing vision of me  on my first day at the job.  Behind this news anchor type desk and doing my Awakened Warrior hello and roar and then I saw the whole crew after the show clapping and cheering for me and I broke down hysterical crying, so thankful for the moment, wanting to remember it forever.

And Spirit was encouraging me to walk to the supermarket with the news that I just got hired by CNN and HLN — how I got my own show and how fantastic it was.  I saw myself posting it on Twitter.  Walking around my neighborhood smiling at everyone with such pride, such happiness.

And then when I was at the supermarket I forgot about all of that… but then my cold cuts rung up to $2.22 and my total bill to $22.22 — keep the faith, your dreams are manifesting at the perfect time, you’re on the path of your divine mission – trust, all is well.


I’m in a wonderful flow today and now in my life.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I am so blessed.

I am so happy.

Thank you.