November 17, 2012

It’s been around 3 weeks since I first put up that video, I’m Not Being Nice Anymore and although I had this realization awhile ago, I keep feeling that I should write it on here to share with you for your benefit.

My realization was this.  For all this time I was putting out videos and blog posts for free.  This was my choice.  MY CHOICE.  People on the internet, on facebook, or on my mailing list didn’t ask me to do this stuff for free.  It was my choice.

So now I see how I was playing the victim and not truly taking responsibility and being in my power in my business in this way.

I could have at anytime do what I am doing now – charge for blog posts – turn it into something special – create a community – but I didn’t choose to do that.

I didn’t really have it in my awareness because I was so stuck in my position.

That position being the VICTIM.

“You are doing this to me and I hate you for it!”

“Why are you not valuing me!”

“Why are more of you not hiring me!”

And so on.

But now I get it.  It was just my victimhood mentality.

And with new awareness, comes new choices.

That’s the beauty of it.

I see how that video was a bit silly.  Ridiculous maybe.  A person stuck in her own paradigm.  The paradigm of victim.  I don’t judge her.  I look at her as innocent.  Not knowing.

But now she does.

And amen to that 🙂

I hope this post helps you like it has helped me — it’s all a journey of stepping more into your own power and out of that victimhood mentality.  So fantastic!