April 26, 2013

I’m thinking of ways to implement my new policy of working with students.  That new way is that if a student comes to a session with OUT completing their homework assignments, then the session completes right there.  They don’t have the session.

I’ve posted for some feedback on how to receive the homework from students and wording for contracts in a business forum I’m in and it looks like I’ve triggered a lot of people.

This is nothing new.

But I’m not posting in there to get their opinions whether “they would never do that”, etc — or that “they help people with the resistances as to why they are not doing their homework” – man, I don’t care.  (notice the new, more “cut throat” attitude… which is really just more of a “down to business” and “I mean business” winning attitude — at least in my eyes.. I’m proud of myself for these changes)

I am not there to help them process their insecurities and/or give them new ideas.. I was seeking some guidance on how to implement this.

You see, I used to have students email me their homework assignments — but this caused a lot of extra work for me, a lot of extra work, a lot more time, a lot more printing of things — and this is not good when you are expanding your business and picking up more projects.

This is about my students being more accountable, not me acting like a monitor and emailing them “where’s your homework” etc and then emails back and forth with them as to why they didn’t do their homework (they usually explain), etc… this is for the session to be discussed.