June 18, 2013

Yesterday someone shared with me a new way of wording some things that are going on in my life — and I like it.

It feels really good to say and think this way…

The new way of talking is as follows:

— I’m on my way to moving out West.

— I’m on my way to getting my own TV show.

— I’m in the process of moving out West.

— I’m in the process of getting my own TV show.

This way I’m in process.  It’s something that’s rolling… in the works.

Rather than “I’m waiting for things to fall into place” which is more passive.

This is active.

I am on my way there.

Forward motion.  Moving forward towards my dreams.

Making it happen.

Things are happening.  Not waiting… they are a work that is happening, a work of art in progress.

It makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER about what’s going on.

It also implies that it is going to happen.

Whereas the other way is disempowering and there’s a question on whether it will happen or not.

This keeps my mind in the right frame and puts me in the power position.

Much better.

Thank you so much for this.  Totally changes perspective for me.