November 5, 2012

I shared this video on Facebook, Twitter, and my email mailing list with this note today:

I debated whether to release this video since I do not feel this anger anymore and am at a different place in my life than where I was in this video. Since making this video (and the series of videos that are connected to it) and blogging about the realizations and awarenesses that have come to me along the path, I have reclaimed more of my personal power, am standing more in my power, and am more fully grounded in my life’s purpose. It feels terrific. The changes have been so quick. So to honor my adventure and to honor those who I guide along the way, I decided to post it. Uncensored, un-doctored up. 

(I posted this video originally publically)

We will talk about it in my next post.  For now, check out the recent video.