March 11, 2014

What a fantastic week — and we’ve only just had Monday. (Today’s Tuesday)

Yesterday was so busy and SPECIAL — and I’m going to tell you about that in a minute…

But first, I’m international now.

I have international appeal — I have international fans and followers and I feel so happy.

It feels so nice, new energy – exciting, INTERESTING.

Let me tell you what I mean by this…

Since I was guided to do that video about the Malaysia Airlines plane missing I’ve attracted a whole International community.

I’ve since made another video.

Spirit said I didn’t have to make this latest one, but I wanted to — I think cause I was having such a great day and I just want to share and be seen and talk and it all feels SO GOOD.

My gifts opened to a new level yesterday (will tell you about in my next post) — and one of my students totally and completely changed before my eyes yesterday in an Intensive.  I will tell you about this too.  Still processing….. so fantastic!

And I wake up this morning and look at this!

CBS News reporter resigns because they’re not able to tell the truth…

So fantastic!

Another job open for me 🙂  Although I do understand she resigned because she was NOT able to report on the truth — BUT this means the shift is taking place.  CBS (along with others) will have to change their format.

I sent her a Congrats Tweet.  Congrats about standing in truth and integrity — that’s what news is all about — and posted CBS in there that it’s time for them to change their format.  People are tired of the lies.

I love this stuff! The changes are sooo exciting!!

It’s becoming a world I want to live in!  And I’m helping it shift 🙂

So fantastic!

Love — love — love!