May 30, 2013

I’m impressed with myself — for two reasons.  I want to celebrate them here!

1 — Is that for 1 to 2 months I’ve been working differently, partnering with the Universe to bring in more money using my natural talents and gifts.  Working primarily on changing my money mindset from more on the side of scarcity to abundance.  Well I have been noticing the last few days how I am much more trusting, calm and at peace about money, my expenses, being provided for, etc.

I have rent due in 3 days — with a car payment in 21 days, along with other expenses that come up here and there – of course, just by living — and I am in this trusting, proactive, positive thinking zone.  No panics like I had.  Maybe this is because ideas have come on how to provide money for myself.

But I was thinking of doing my IRA, taking money out of there — but this is the old way of me doing things.  Scrounging at money I already have.  I’d like to manifest it.  Pull it in from my gifts, talents, work.  So I am applying for some freelance writing jobs again today.  Yes, it’s close to the wire — but it would make me feel very powerful, on top of the world, when I am actively manifesting money – creating money — rather than going to old ways of pulling from “sitting” money sources / money laying around… if that makes sense.

So I am proud of myself for being on the other side of this transition about money.  THANK YOU!  GREAT JOB BLAIRE!!

2 — The other thing I’d like to celebrate is that on this private group on Facebook that I’m a part of, someone posted that she wanted love.  That she was proud of how far she’s come except she didn’t have love in her life.  I told her I could help her.  She asked me what I did… and drum roll please….. without even thinking, debating, blah blah blah that I usually do with the confusion I get myself into of “what do I do?” and “I do so much, how do I explain it…” — well I did, just fine.

I said — I’m a Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, and Love Expert.  I teach people how to manifest love, by partnering with the Universe and I heal people’s hearts from anything that is keeping them single, as well as help them heal relationship patterns.  I said it perfectly there.  When I tried to write it here I had to do a lot of editing and looking back to what I wrote… oh well, but it came out beautifully.  Just flowed, second nature.  It was perfect.  Now tonight when I go to a networking event I will practice saying it outloud.   I’m proud of myself with this too – this flowed very nicely.  Thank you.