March 18, 2013

Today, when I was up before sunrise to walk Magic there was a guy that looked like in his 20s wandering around.

What was he doing up?  And he looked like he was coming from somewhere out of the complex?

Now at this hour people are 1) usually not up and 2) if they are, they’re running out to their cars to get to work.

So in the past, normally I would have been super hesitant and even fearful — I was still cautious but I noticed I just kept walking.

I have mase so I was holding onto that still, like I always do when I walk Magic — but I couldn’t help but notice that even though I was say, on alert — I didn’t back down.

And that’s my attitude these days.  I would say it changed a month or two ago when I was having problems and was fearful about this group I was in, where I knew someone was gossipying about me.

Normally I avoid that shit, get real scared, etc.

But since I confronted that situation, with my Spirit Friends help of course, my soul has grown.  I am no longer that scared little girl I used to be — I’m now powerful and strong — a real bad ass.

Now, I don’t go looking for problems, but I feel like I’ve worked through some old patterning of being worried about my safety.