March 10, 2013

In an ideal world I’d be on retainer with my clients.  This way if a session needs to be an hour 1/2 it will be.  If they need spiritual healing work done during the week, I can fit them in.  But I have this sense of guilt going on.  I hear thoughts in my head – words – that “she’s only out for the money”

And although I do like making money, I don’t look at this like that.  When I say to a client that I think they could use another session or energy work done, it’s because they really need it to happen.

I’m all for catching things in the moment.  Rather than having people sit and stew in whatever crap-o-la is going on with their emotions or specific situation that’s going on, I still feel it would benefit them and that’s why I offer it.

But today I held myself back, kind of.

I mentioned something but didn’t really push it forward cause I was hearing this client’s words in my head (or this could totally be my insecurity and projection) that they could benefit from a session on Wednesday, energy work.

I’m going to write them an email right now suggesting it to them and then we’ll hold off for 1 1/2 weeks to do their next session so they’re not running through them so fast.  But again, this is my stuff that’s going on — fears about money, them saying they don’t have it or this is costing them too much or I’m trying to get more of their money… things like that.  I need to clear this stuff cause again I feel it would benefit them.  I know it would and that’s also why it’s been playing in my ear all day and night.

I’m going to see what guidance comes up.  There has to be a way to do this that I don’t feel like I’m taking something from them ($) or guilty or whatever, cause again this is for their benefit.  Ho, hum.  🙂


Gotta laugh at it.  This is all good “problems” to have.  It’s all good and I know I’ll get guidance, I already am… going to update the site now.