November 28 2012

I was bit by a dog yesterday and I went into panic and shock.  There was an excited dog in our neighborhood (we’ve passed him and his owners before) – but this time he slipped out of his home and came running right for my dog, Magic.  I picked up Magic so he wouldn’t get bit and I got it – in my abdomen.

I didn’t realize it at the time as I was spinning around, holding Magic, and yelling trying to get the dog away… but then when the owner came and grabbed the dog, I realized – “Hey, I think your dog bit me?!”  I lifted up my shirt and there was a mark and blood.

It was crazy.

So I never thought I’d get bit by a dog, so I didn’t know what to do once you get bit.

I was scared.  Panicky.  “Oh no…. ” I went home and started googling.  “What do you do when you’re bit?”  I tried to call my father, who’s a doctor, but my parents were on a plane from here back home, so I couldn’t reach them.

I knew I had to go to the hospital to get a shot.  Some treatment.  And so I went.

It was crazy how it all happened.  The odds of that dog getting me.  The odds of the dog running out of that house at that exact time we were passing, etc, etc…. there was no coincidence.

And this was right after I made a video about how Spirit was showing me my victim mentality, in order to clear it out.  Heal it.  Bring it to the light, so I could be in my power in all situations.

But here I was not in my power.

I now had a story.  The story of how I got bit by a dog.

I asked Spirit, when I realized this….. “How do you act and speak when you really are a victim?”  I didn’t make up this story.  It wasn’t something all in my mind.  It happened and it hurt.  And I was tempted to tell others the story of my drama.

But I didn’t.

I had to tell it at the hospital to the doctor and nurses who were helping.  But I held myself back from telling all my neighbors when I got back home.

I was filled with fear and worry – it was anxiety – and lasted for many hours.  It was hard for me to calm down.  The paramedic at the hospital told me I had to make a police report, to have something on record, in case my neighbor didn’t pay my hospital bill.  So after I got home from the hospital, I was waiting for the cops.  Then after the cops I was waiting for them to come back and give me their report and tell me if the dog had a rabies shot.  I had to get my case number.  Then I had to eat dinner.  Then I had to walk Magic again.  Then I had to shower.  Then I had to go to sleep.

Opps, I almost forgot – I also had to go to Whole Foods to get some natural wound care gel, as well as to the pharmacy to get an antibiotic the doctor prescribed for me to take.

And this was another story for me… another victim story.  Because I have been anti-antibiotics for some years now.  I had gone the natural way.  Homeopathy.  I had been working with a Naturopath with success for 3 years now.  I knew I didn’t need to get the tetanus shot.  I tried to call my Naturopath, but got her voicemail and didn’t bother leaving a message.  I was in a state of panic.  I had been bit and wanted to act fast.  I felt I had to act fast.  I didn’t want anything bad to happen.

So I did what I always did – in the past – and went with traditional medicine.  I couldn’t think straight.  I was on my own.  I was scared.  I went to the old standby.

And although I kept telling myself it was okay… and that it’s okay to use modern medicine… and that I was scared and wanted to do what felt comfortable…. I still felt bad.  Sad.  Like I had let myself down and that now I was taking pharmaceuticals in my body and that couldn’t be a good thing.

So this was how it was left.  I spoke to my father later that evening…. when I had decided I was going to do homeopathy, but was still figuring it out as to what to take… and he encouraged and urged me to take the antibiotics and that my bit was actually a punctured wound and it didn’t look good, plus it was on my abdomen and he didn’t want me taking any chances with it getting infected in that area.

So I went with the old standby… and I was feeling bad about it.  Like a victim… yet again.  I was up for most of the night in worry… and overall just so wound up it was hard to sleep.  In a state of shock at all that had happened and all I was dealing with, running around taking care of over the last 7 hours, when I was supposed to be planting my new veggie garden.  That was the time I had allotted to plant veggies, but instead I was at the hospital, with the cops, at the drug store, and at whole foods.  What a wasted evening.