March 9, 2014

There are many things that are outdated with my business.

My twitter picture is outdated.  The banner on my website is outdated.  The slogan on my site is outdated.  So is the home page and/or other layouts.

I don’t think I should say I help people with their love lives anymore.  I help people with ALL of their relationships — and more so, I train warriors. Everyone who is guided to my work these days is a warrior and wants help healing their wounds so they can do their mission.

I need a photographer pronto.

I need a new location to take pictures at pronto.

And a new outfit.

I want to dress in a beautiful purple ball gown with a shield and a sword.

Oh gosh, now this feels overwhelming.  What do I change first and how?

And does that mean people won’t come to me for their love lives anymore?

I think my group is more interested in doing their Divine Mission than finding their “One” — and anyway once you do your Divine Mission that right partner will join you.

Although I do think — I know I still have value to other people who are not on their Divine Mission.


Let me change some things on my website now.

PS:  Say goodbye…. I do like this slogan….

But it’s time to put it somewhere else.  Hmm… so sad.

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 1.11.54 PM

PS:  I have been hanging around BEE-ing all weekend and Spirit keeps pointing out to me to notice how happy, connected, inspired, and more intuitive I am.  It has actually worked out really well for me.  I love this way of BEE-ing.  Life feels much more happier, lighter, EASIER.  This is good, really good.  Let’s continue this – thank you.