April 15, 2013

So I see what I just did.  Thank you so much G-d for pointing this out to me!! Thank you so much!! I did it twice today and it’s not even 11AM.


So what did I do?

Well, someone emailed me on Facebook.  Someone who I met once and then emailed them for some information… They emailed me back today and said “Congratulations on all of your success!”

And what did I do?

Oh my goodness, what did I do?

I said, “yea, right”

I said, “Why do I always come across as so successfully?  People always think I’m so successful, but I’m not.”

Why do I do that?  It’s a money thing.  It’s a not being where I know I “should” be, where I am meant to be.  That’s why I do that.

I see how it’s a way I shun myself.  Shame myself.  Not being good enough.  Being a phoney.  Somehow pretending to people I’m successful, giving that impression but how it’s really not true.

Come on Blaire, you know better than that.  You’re not going around telling lies.  You’re not pretending to be someone you’re not.  You’re being you.

With the putting up of this site you showed how frustrated you were with your business.  You showed the real you.  That wasn’t fake.  You have never been fake.



STOP IT.  It’s time to let this go.  This is how people are seeing me.  That’s okay.  RECEIVE IT.

Which leads me into the next thought, “Ohh, she’s just being nice.”

Huh?  That’s crazy thinking too.  Incorrect thinking.  No one says “congrats on your success to be nice” — they say it cause they mean it.  She’s not trying to get anything from me.  She’s not trying to blow smoke up my ass.  Accept it.

Thank you so much for showing me this!! I do this so much, I realize this now.  That’s been a block, for sure, what’s been stopping me.

Second noticing — and it’s the combination of the two that makes me realize all of this.  Thank you so much!

I got an email from this guy that I’m friends with via email.  We haven’t met in person.  He said that he saw the video interview of mine with Hugh Howey and how he loved it.

He said:  I watched the interview with Hugh Howey and love it!!!  Thank you for sharing it.  It is awesome!

He loved it.  He thought it was awesome.

But what did I do – I dismissed it.  I thought, ohh, that’s just nice of him to say that.

He’s trying to be nice.


That’s ridiculous.

He’s telling me that he liked — loved the interview — and what that had to do with was the energy and the questions I brought to it.

Take the compliments Blaire.  You are a success.  You are doing good.  Appreciation.

I notice how these thoughts that are so automatic have been canceling out my bigger desires and keeping me in the same place that I.

It’s so interesting, you do so much clearing but yet there always comes more to clear out.  Always upgrading.  NICE.