February 6, 2013

I met a superstar tonight and I’m feeling sooo inspired!!

Remember just about two weeks ago when Spirit had me “coincidentally” walk into Barnes and Noble on a Saturday night to do some research on my new book… and this mega star of a guy was doing a book signing??

Well, a few days ago I “randomly” received an invite from the local library here for a book signing.  I never get emails from the library, unless a book is due as a reminder — so I wondered what it was all about and took a look inside.

There was a listing for a book talk and signing.

Hmm, okay, interesting.

The name vaguely looked familiar but I didn’t know.

I went to her website and she had published like a million books and has been on the NY Times Bestseller list.


So I signed up.

How awesome, I thought.  All these things lining up to get me ready!!

I might as well go to a book talk – I’ve never been – and see what it’s like, since I’m going to be doing one soon.

So tonight I went and it was FUCKING FANTASTIC!

She prepared a powerpoint presentation (who would have thunk?)

And talked about where she gets inspiration from, how she chooses her titles, how she does her research and on and on.

She was open to taking questions and she took a lot of mine 🙂  (always the curious one)

and I was in HEAVEN!!

I bought her book and gushed over her at the book signing table.



And so great to be in that energy, I was beaming!!

I told her she was a superstar and so great all the info she shared — and she was like, I’m not a superstar – and I was like, to me you are.  You’ve published all these books (15 so far) and it’s what I want to do – what I’m going to do.

I gave her my card and told her I’d see her in the circuit – book signing and talking outlets.

It was so fantastic to meet her!  Really wonderful, THANK YOU!!