February 20, 2013

I’ve had bagels on my list of things to manifest for about a month now.

Yes, I know bagels are a cheap item but not too long ago I made a list of all the things I desired, big and small and figured I’d see what would happen.

Well, on Monday – I manifested 6 bagels!! And 4 loaves of bread!

It’s funny really, cause for the last 2 weeks I had “get bagels” on my to do list, I just have never taken the effort to go get them.

I wanted to go after 3PM but before 5PM since they do 1/2 off bagels each day… so I figured I’d go then to get the discount.  But each day I’m occupied and not interested in stepping away from whatever I’m doing to drive my car down the street to get them.  I can’t be bothered…

BUT on Monday night I was at my Writers Group and surprisingly and amazingly right as we were finishing up and they were getting ready to close the doors and kick us out of there, the lady who works there said, “Do you guys want pastries?”

And one of the guys was like… “Is this for free?”

We were all confused.

But others around us were walking to the counter, so I hustled because if she was giving out something for free I wanted to get a piece of the action 🙂

And there you go!!


AND LOADS OF BREAD they were throwing out.

If you are reading this, don’t go posting this anywhere, as we have to keep it quiet so she doesn’t get in trouble, but she was feeling bad about throwing it out each night — and on the other nights they have charities that pick it up…

So anyway, I walked out of there like a superstar and now my freezer is packed to the limit with BREAD AND BAGELS!!


So if I’m able to manifest bagels, just like that, wanting it for long enough and being patient, then I’m able to manifest anything.

That’s what that told me.

I used to play games like this with the Universe, but stopped… happy to be back doing it 🙂

So fun and exciting!!