November 9, 2012

Something seems to have come over me.  This attitude.  This forcefulness.  This new me?

It’s this attitude of “I don’t give a shit!”  Let me explain…

You see, for years I have had this same thought process go around in my head.  It’s been this ongoing concern / question for Spirit.  “You gave me all these gifts.  I know what I am to do for my life purpose – but how am I going to change the world when you’re not sending me loads and loads of people to help?  How am I to help when my business flow has just been so-so?  I don’t get it?”

It would be some version of that, at random times, over these last – many – years.

There would be frustration about putting up blog posts or videos and not having loads of people view them or comment on them or share them.  Same old shit.  Same old thoughts.  Same old disappointments.  Same old helplessness feeling.  Same old victim mentality.

But I really didn’t know how to fix it.  I didn’t know how I could change it when it seemed like “my success” was in other people’s hands.  When it seems like it was in Spirit’s hands… and he just wasn’t budging.

But today, some kind of new attitude has come over me.  (I wonder if it’ll last?)

It’s a “I don’t give a shit!”

You see, today I put out a new video titled, “I Should Be Professional” – and by the looks of YouTube views it doesn’t look like many people viewed it.

I don’t know if Facebook viewership is shown on YouTube, so people on Facebook could have watched it, but in any event, the views are low.  Very low.

What the fuck?  Why so low?

The answer…. my new response…. “I don’t give a shit!”

Oh really Blaire?  You don’t give a shit?

“Nope!  Fuck it.  Spirit will share it if it wants to.  Or it will sit there.  Whatever.  Fuck that”

And then there was this renewed motivation in finishing my Attract The One Home Study Program.

Before I was waiting for some big dreams to happen.  I keep feeling them around me.  In my energy field.  I’ve been patiently waiting.  Keeping my energy high.  My vibration rising.

But then again, something happened.  “No!  Hell no!  I’m not waiting for “them” to make these projects happen” (those related to my big dreams) “I’m going to take care of this myself!  I say I’m a success!  I’m making this happen!”

And then I procrastinated for most of the rest of the day.  But it’s on my mind.  I’m going to work over the weekend (I think) to get further on this project.  I work such an alternative time schedule that weekends don’t have to be weekends and instead I find myself “hanging out” “relaxing” or doing whenever in between student sessions or days where I am creating new projects or working on other related items.

So we’ll see how this weekend goes.

I did clean up my new site a bit – where I am going to have these Home Study programs featured.

I have realized about my gifts – and my life path – is that I sure do have a lot to offer.  By that I mean, a lot to create.  I have a lot of programs and products to get out there.  A lot of ideas that have come to me over the years — and now it seems like I have to implement each one of them NOW.  Preparing for the loads of people to come.  Of course there have been some doubts about that along the way, but I think it’s time that those doubts and concerns leave me.

I think part of being a success with your gifts is to put the pedal to the medal and go! go! go!

Whether you have loads of people following you and singing your praises (at this moment) or not.  You just go! go! go!  You do! do! do!

Who gives a shit how many people watch or don’t watch your videos.

Who gives a shit how many people hire you for private sessions or not.

Who gives a shit how many people “like” your stuff on Facebook.

Who gives a shit how many…. nothing.


You do! do! do!

I see how that’s what was stopping me before.  I was waiting for people to react.  To kiss the ground I walked on.  🙂  To tell me how great I was.  To sing my praises.

Fuck that!

I don’t need that!

I know I’m fucking amazing.

I go! go! go!

I do! do! do!

You don’t say whether my dreams come true (by buying my stuff or not.  By asking me to help you or not)

I say it!

I say it!

Me!  Not you!

HELL YEA! 🙂  That’s the attitude.  And I tell ya, I think that’s the winning one…. !