March 5, 2014

As I re-enter the world and prepare for my move and my TV job it’s important that I get my eyesight straightened out.

I’ve been living in this hippy, natural living world where I wasn’t wearing any contacts and wanted to heal my eye sight by doing eye exercises.

Only thing — I wasn’t doing my eye exercises.

So I was just walking around not being able to see details on people’s faces and not being able to see far distance.

So over the last week or two I’ve been sorting things out.

I went to the eye doctor for an exam.  All is healthy and perfect.

I got glasses as a back up.

And today I’m going to my contact lens guy to get a new left eye contact since something is irritating me with it and I can’t wear it.

It’s great being able to see again.

That sounds like the most obvious thing, of course it’s good to see — but I see a deeper meaning to it all.

It was like for the past year with me not wearing my contacts, I needed to go within — see within in order to go deeper, figure out more of who I am.

I also think that I didn’t want to be bothered with the outside world.  This goes with many things of my life.  The release of TV, of my cell phone, of my contacts, etc….

And now I am interested in the world again.  I’m watching TV shows again.  Thinking about getting a TV in my next place… maybe…. and going back to my contacts.

It was like I was on a spiritual hiatus for a year to heal from my ex — but not even that — more than that, I needed to go within and go deeper within myself.

It’s been good and now it’s quite funny at times as I do basic things, like get glasses for the first time in 15+ years 🙂

It’s funny.

And now I’ll be wearing my contacts again.  Seeing things clearly and sharply.  It’s nice.

I can see again 🙂

I know I’m not explaining it fully here, the spiritual side to it, maybe it’s because I’m still processing it and therefore can’t put it fully into words at this time 🙂