November 8, 2012

I wanted to talk about my new lifestyle.  One filled with more freedom, peace, and play.  I want to talk about how I go seashelling every other day and how I spend much of my time blogging.  I want to talk to you about how I do things that make my heart sing.  That fill me with such joy.  Of using my natural talents and gifts to change the world – and get paid to do it.  Yes, I want to talk to you about all of that.

Well, through this experience – today – I can hear my mom talking to me.  I can hear my mom’s voice in my head.  My father’s voice.  “Blaire, is that what you are doing with your day?  You are playing?  What about your career? What about making money?  How are you supporting yourself?”

And those are all good questions.  Again, questions that are going off in my ear today.  A sort of feeling that I am having too much fun.  Enjoying too much pleasure.  Not suffering enough.  Not “working” enough.  Not struggling enough.  Not unhappy enough.  Not pushing on enough.

Relaxing too much.  Goofing off too much.  Screwing around too much.

And that’s the deal when we go to break away.  When we do something new that is against the norm.  And that has always been my path. … and maybe yours too.

And although I may not have the answers that they will like to all of those questions, I do have guidance.

My internal guidance.

The guidance of Spirit.

I am being lead.  I know I am on the right path.  Again, for me.

And that’s all what you are to do in this world.

To follow your desires and your own intuition.

And if you desire a life, like the one I am leading, then I say pursue it.  Make the leap.  Take the jump.  Risk it.

Do it when you are confident in your abilities to hear Spirit and your abilities to be lead.

I am blogging about my adventure here, so of course you can be cautious, hold back and just wait to see what happens to me 🙂

I’m going for it!

The life I’ve always dreamed of.

A life where I play all day, share my gifts and talents, spend time caring for myself, extreme self care and love, time spent on study, learning and growth, and time spent sharing it… all of this and living a life of freedom and extreme luxury.

It’s exciting.  And amazing.  And it’s all happening now.

Amen to that!