April 3, 2013

The other thing (among the other million things) that came up with Hugh’s interview is the thought of hustling to get your product out there, etc.

I would say I do my fair share of hustling, although many times I don’t like it or feel annoyed that I have to do it.  But I’ve accepted that that’s part of what you do to get your gift out there, to get your work out there.

I think I’m more on the side of having it be balanced — than what I’ve seen with other people, hustling, and really hustling.  NYC hustling.

But still, it doesn’t seem like Hugh did any of that.

It doesn’t seem like he does any of that.

Well, grant it, now he’s just riding the wave of success that is going on — but I’ve been thinking about this.  I wonder if this just has to do with a knowing or a feeling of how you have to get your work out there, etc.

Like, for example, since I was young — not super young, but I can’t remember when, I knew I was here to do something special.  Again, I can’t put an age on this, but I feel I’ve always known this to a certain extent.

So as the years passed, and now I’m doing Love Guru full time, the feeling is that I need to get it out there.  I am supposed to get it out there.  And this causes a lot of stress (AT TIMES) to get myself out there — because I want to be successful in my mission — my mission here on Earth – and I know that’s to get my work out there.

But lately I’ve been thinking about ALLOWING more.

This was actually a message that Spirit brought to me a day before or maybe the day of my interview with Hugh. It was a question my guides put forth.

Blaire, do you think that all your pushing of your dream is maybe the thing that is now blocking it?  NOT allowing it into your life.  And what if you just relaxed a bit more, let us take over a bit more, and allowed a bit more.

I like that.


Wouldn’t we all want our careers to be like that?  An allowing — plus along with the allowing the KNOWING that we’re going to reach the success or HIGHER of what we envision in our minds?

After all that’s Hugh’s story. He allowed and he reached this huge level of success, higher than he ever imagined.

But you know, there aren’t many role models out there that model this.

And even Hugh might not be the greatest model of it simply because he didn’t seem to express this strong push to make his dream of a writer to come true.  Well, actually he wanted to be a writer but he didn’t talk about this huge, strong push, strong desire to be on the bestselling list (although actually he did say this — but not with huge passion?  was he just fronting for the interview?  i’ll have to find out) — and have his book made into a movie.

I don’t know.  I guess he would be more of a model for me for this if he said I HAD A STRONG KNOWING – A STRONG PUSH – DESIRE to be this really big great thing in the public eye or however he phrased this… along with the comment, I JUST ALLOWED.

So that’s where I feel I’m a bit different and again, I haven’t heard a story like this.  I hear people who I look up to with huge success, saying that they didn’t want to be a teacher or a healer, that it just happened.. and now look how huge they are.



You hear this from STARS.  ROCK STARS.  ACTORS.

I relate so much more to stars than I do to the other examples I just gave.

These were people who pushed and pushed — kept working at it – and putting themselves out there cause they knew they had this dream and they knew they had to make it come true.

Hmm… interesting how I keep forgetting to just look to THEM as role models.  My entertainment field people.  That’s where the passionate personalities lie that are just like me.

Yes, that’s who I relate to.